St. Louis Missouri Pharmacy Conveniently Located
in Des Peres Hospital

Why drive all the way to the pharmacy, when we've brought a better one right to you? Des Peres Health Mart® Pharmacy is in the Des Peres Hospital lobby. Look for us next to the admitting office, on the same floor as the main entrance. And discover a faster, easier way to fill your prescriptions at no added cost. We're a locally owned, St. Louis pharmacy that has everything you want- without the hassle of going to the big- name chains.

Like your doctor, we care about you. With more than 30 years of experience, our pharmacy staff can help you better understand your medications. Have a question about your prescription? That's why we're here, and we'll be glad to help.

Now, better healthcare is just down the hall.


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For Patients

When you’re being discharged from the hospital or leaving your doctor’s office with a prescription in hand, the last thing you want is the hassle of driving to one of the big-chain pharmacies... Learn more

For Physicians

Des Peres Health Mart® Pharmacy is in the Des Peres Hospital lobby, next to the main entrance. So we can walk prescriptions right down to your office in just a few minutes... Learn more

For Hospital Employees

The next time you drive by a big-name chain, keep on driving. Because now, the pharmacy you need is right where you need it: in the lobby of Des Peres Hospital, next to the main entrance... Learn more